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International Hub for Additive Manufacturing

The trade and consumer fair for 3D printing technology Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D in Erfurt clearly shows smooth transition in the meantime between the professional and hobby use, and makes it through the division into "Industrial", "prosumer" and "Family" significantly. A vase from the printer - what sounded ten years ago by science fiction is now reality. Made possible by the rapid increase in the field of 3D printing technology. What hardly anyone knows: Such a 3D printer you can now easily buy and connect to the local computer. Erfurt, Thuringia's capital, is located in Germany and has an ideal infrastructure. The airport is nearby, the ICE train station in the city center, the trams stop at the fair and a direct connection to the motorway network create the best conditions for visitors, exhibitors and participants. The Rapid.Tech is a trade fair and user’s conference for Rapid Technology will track the process development from the prototype until the generative manufactured final product. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a generative manufacturing method which benefits from the exchange of experience with constructing engineers and users and thus can be used successfully. Products that are manufactured by the use of AM get attached in more and more industrial sectors. Amongst others this is the reason why the Rapid.Tech attends to the different range of applications of AM by offering several forums, user’s conference an design engineers day.

En total los organizadores saludaron en los 3 días de la feria, del 05. junio al 07. junio 2018, a unos 208 expositores de 14 países y 5000 visitantes en la Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D en Érfurt.

La Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D tiene lugar anualmente, y por eso por octava vez previsiblemente en junio 2022 en Érfurt.

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Lugar de la Feria:

Messe Erfurt,
Gothaer Straße 34, 99094 Érfurt, Turingia, Alemania


para la fecha de la feria en Érfurt

Messe Erfurt GmbH
Gothaer Str. 34
99094 Érfurt, Alemania
Tel: +49 (0)361 4000
Fax: +49 (0)361 4001111
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Ediciones anteriore:
  • 22. - 23. junio 2021
  • 25. - 27. junio 2019
  • 05. - 07. junio 2018
    • 208 exhibidores de 14 países
    • 5000 visitantes
  • 20. - 22. junio 2017
  • 14. - 16. junio 2016
  • 10. - 11. junio 2015
  • 15. - 17. mayo 2014

Lugar de la Feria:

Messe Erfurt,
Gothaer Straße 34, 99094 Érfurt, Turingia, Alemania


para la fecha de la feria en Érfurt

Productos: 3D printer, equipment, Machinery, printer, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing, …

Sectores: fabricación por adición, impresión 3D, impresiones, técnicas de impresión, …

Ferias en los sectores: Ferias de fabricación por adiciónFerias de impresiónFerias de impresión 3DFerias de técnicas de impresión

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